WOCube training

a new GUI for Dataton Watchout


WOCube, GUI for Dataton Watchout

Why use WOCube?

So many reasons to use the WoCube watchout GUI

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Lorenzo Romeo

Software-specific programmer for broadcast and media server programmer

Do not hesitate to contacts me for any media services-related need.

What I Do

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  • Dataton watchout programmer
  • Software Solutions
  • Ledwall management
  • Broadcast solutions
  • Videomapping


and where they worked

  • Maurizio Costanzo Show

    Wocube used with watchout. TV: Canale 5. Director: Valentino Tocco. Work by SHOWLIVE
  • Il Mondo Insieme con Licia Coló

    WOCube with watchout. TV: tv2000. Director: Alessandro Renna.
  • Che Tempo che Fa

    Wocube used whit watchout. TV: Raiuno. director: Cristian Biondani. work by EUROPRODUZIONE
  • Tu Si Que Vales

    WoCube with Dataton Watchout. Director: Paolo Carcano. Work by SHOWLIVE
  • Fratelli di Crozza 2018

    WoCube with Dataton Watchout. Director: Massimo Fusi
  • Powerhits Estate 2018

    Used WOCube with watchout. Director: Luigi Antonini. On Air RTL102.5.
  • Nastri d'Argento 2018

    WOCube used by Rosario Pulvirenti, watchout's operator