a new GUI for Dataton Watchout


WOCube features

When I started using Watchout on TV broadcasts, I felt the need to create an interface that would allow me to make programmer work more neat.

Having a few auxiliary timelines but lots of contributions organized in layers, having the possibility to store the values ​​of generic inputs, search for specific content and above all to have an active backup of my watchout project pushed me to realize WOCube.

Software features
- Dataton Watchout Production and Display Control
- Drag and Drop from / to Watchout Production
- Sharing of auxiliary timelines
- Media Player for video preview present in Watchout
- Extract frame from any video present in watchout
- MIDI Control
- Memory of generic Inputs for each event created
- Direct display control
- Simultaneous play of auxiliary timelines
- Control via TCP / UDP of matrices, mixers and other hardware accessories

- Infinite pages of programming
- 63 tasks per page
- Event groups
- Drag and Drop
- Generic Inputs
- Clipboard memory for storing tween
- Search for tasks