New features in version 2.0

Movies Pro Player 2

Movies Pro Player 2 changelog

Player mode
- Two player present A / B: PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, STEP BY STEP
- Transitions: Cross Fading A / B, fade from / to black to stop
- Monitoring real-time video, apply filters ffmpeg
- Audio Mixer, links and invert audio, audio amplifier
- Preview video for each player A / B
- Syncro B: the same clip on two players.
- Syncro Play: start two video clips at the same time

Screen Layout mode
- Works on all PCs with any extended desktop (SD / HD)
- Works with MATROX dual/tripleHEAD
- Player separated or three layer (A/B/BACKGROUND); Unlimited layout to create
- Effects for the background: COLOR, PICTURE, LIVE
- Application of real-time changes

Only Movies Pro Server 2
- text layer
- more transition: WIPE, SLIDE
- corner pinning
- warping

Playlist mode
- Creation of unlimited playlist
- Programming of each clip: LOOP, LAST FRAME, BLACK, NEXT CLIP
- Playlist automated specifications for each player A / B
- Merging playlist, relink the clips, preview
- Midi Controls
- Preset

- artnet DMX communications
- ethernet communications for multiple configurations

Minimum Hardware Configuration
PC Intel i5, 2 GB RAM, dual graphics card, sound card
Operating system: Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Ubuntu + wine, MacOS + Wineskin

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