WOCube, GUI for Dataton Watchout



You can free download WOCube and use it for commercial or personal use

These are the difference between free and professional version


Generic Task: Create your specific task event: CUE PLAY STOP TIME
Watchout connection: Connect max two watchout producers or displays
Video player: Preview your watchout's contents
Save video frame: Extract a frame from video clip and import to watchout


All free edition features included.

Groups and scripts: Control your hardware devices throught the script task. TCP and UDP supported.
Midi support: Control your show with MIDI devices
Management of Inputs: Connect watchout inputs with WOCube so it's possible saves the values in the tasks.
Unlimited pages: Creates pages and playlists
Drag and drop with watchout: Create tasks directly from watchout through drag and drop.

Install your license in one PC only. 1 year software updates included.
119 euros VAT included


All pc-locked edition features included.

Support NDI: Creates SD, HD, or 4K videostream to send media to watchout without spread any file.
WOCube Server: Archives multimedia files in order to search and air them quickly.

Dongle Key included. Shipment in EU included. 1 year software updates included.
TO BUY THIS LICENSE: send a request to info@lorenzoromeo.com
With this dongle key you will could use Movies Pro Player 3 and LedPattern 3 that will coming soon.