So many reasons to use the WoCube watchout GUI


Why use WOCube?

WOCube allows you to have a quick and easy content management: the search function allows you to immediately identify the clip to be broadcast.

Does the midi controller get disconnected? no problem! you will not have to reboot the Watchout producer anymore, just hang it up from WOCube.

With WOCube you will have very few tasks within the watchout.

With the drag and drop system you can program WOCube quickly. Sort the tasks following the lineup without intervening on the watchout timeline.

WOCube allows you to have an "online" hot backup on multiple machines. So you can have two parallel airing systems.

WOCube is constantly updated. New functions are implemented continuously.

Using WOCube allows you to ask for new features that will be evaluated and included in updates.